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  1. Been investigating a cheat and we believe it needs to be resolved a member of our order quit and allowed me and another member to share his cards and hp and we remembered during hw that we were beaten by a single guy he scored 60k in points in 20mins so we found out we could login on multiple devices at same time with the same user name and not get booted off we could atk different people and everything all using same account please resolve this problem I’d like to play a fair game and on another topic ….how do y’all expect us to keep paying to play when rewards don’t even come close to amout we spent to play in events and in hw there needs to be a min on Ssr sr to protect players from the others making price to cheap like I won a wind god only sells for 240 should be 400+ but they top dogs marked it down thank you for listening

  2. I think high rankers should be subject to monitoring their farming alt accounts on jailbroken devices and making mass hp. Its like forging currency and is messing up bazaar for the true players its becoming to EXPENSIVE.

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