Rage of Bahamut Multiple Account in Rage Of Bahamut - Best Mobile Card Trading Game

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Rage of Bahamut Multiple Account



Rage of Bahamut Create Multiple Account

Rage of Bahamut Create Multiple Account

If you want to play rage of bahamut,first you need to register and than you
should create an account before starting rage of bahamut game. Once you create your
account you will be automatically login into your account.

In another case, if you want to create new account in rage of bahamut game with
the same device. You need to logout the account and then register with a new

To logout and to create another or Multiple Accounts account here are the
steps to follow;
– On rage of bahamut game, click the icon mobage in top left from your device
– You will be directly into your account. Next click on your name account to go
to your profile.
– In your profile, click log out in bottom right from your windows. Now, you
are already logout from mobage account.

After you logout, you can create a new account, or maybe multiple account for
rage of bahamut game.

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